• IP: The intenet protocol usually abbreviated to IP, is a part of the system used for data communication between all Internet-connected computers and networks.

  • TCP: TCP operates on top of IP, and working on top of IP, and is used to set up connections.

  • TCP Port: A unique port for a specific service.

  • SMTP: Works on top of TCP. Has port number 25 and is used for sending mail.

  • FTP: Works on top of TCP. Has port number 21 and is used to send large files. Existed since 1971. File Transfer Protocol

  • HTTP: Is the protocol for communication between a web browser and web server.

  • HTTPS: Encrypted version of HTTP making it impossible to intercept the connection.

  • HTTP REQUEST: Request from the browser to the web server.

  • GET: http request type that is intended to retrieve information. (GET / index.html) (GET / image.jpg)

  • POST: type http request that is meant to send information. (POST username = 'admin') (POST avatar.jpg)